Behind The Lens

Everyone has a story. Here is ours.


Meet Dan Stewart


My name is Dan Stewart. I had the privilege to grow up surrounded by the natural beauty of Northern Michigan and the kind, welcoming people who call this place home. I am a husband, a father, an explorer, a storyteller and follower of Jesus Christ.

From my own engagement, to my wedding, to the birth of my three children, I feel that I have experienced some of the true milestones of a young marriage. These turning points have cultivated my belief that there are certain echo points in life. They resonate again and again–both during doldrums seconds of tears, and fleeting bursts of inspiration–for it is those turning-points that give our lives definition. I consider it my passion and purpose to capture these moments for others.

Associate Photographers


At Dan Stewart Photography, all of our photographers are carefully selected, trained, and mentored by Dan Stewart. Beginning as apprentices before transitioning to associates, our photographers all share the same artistic eye, friendly nature, and commitment to quality.

Dan Stewart Photography may have grown, but our simple philosophy has stayed the same. We are storytellers.


Hi, I’m Anna. I am a sister, daughter, runner, and friend. I’m crazy about Jesus, coffee, and light. And if you laugh at my jokes, I’ll be your best friend forever. Having grown up in Northern Michigan, I’ve come to deeply love and appreciate a day at the lake, a patch of white birch trees, winding back roads, and any food you can sneak cherries into.


Hi, I’m Luke. I was born and raised here in Traverse City, Michigan, amongst many of the best people I know. If I’m not drinking coffee or editing photos, I’m probably out at the beach or cruising on my motorcycle. I’m so blessed to call this place my home and so proud to be able to share it with so many amazing people.

Together, we enjoy drinking endless (and we’re not kidding) pots of coffee, exploring new parts of Northern Michigan, and making new friends. We consider ourselves extremely blessed and privileged to be able to get to know some wonderful people in some of the most exciting times of their lives.