Behind The Lens

Everyone has a story. Here is ours.

Meet Dan Stewart


Hello! My name is Dan. If I could summarize the best parts of myself into two photos, this would be it. See that beautiful woman sitting next to me? We met back in high school and have been smitten with each other ever since… So much so that we decided to tie the knot and start our little family. My wife is my best friend; she has encouraged, pushed, and believed in me since the beginning. She is the reason I pursued photography and have been living my dream. It’s because of both her love- and the love of my Lord and Savior- that I’ve been able to meet incredible couples and families and capture their beautiful stories. It is through her support that I get to cherish these moments with you and many more.

Associate Photographer


At Dan Stewart Photography, all of our photographers are carefully selected, trained, and mentored by Dan Stewart. Beginning as apprentices before transitioning to associates, our photographers all share the same artistic eye, friendly nature, and commitment to quality.

Dan Stewart Photography may have grown, but our simple philosophy has stayed the same. We are storytellers.

Meet Anna Smith


I am a wife, sister, daughter, runner, and friend. I’m crazy about Jesus, coffee, and light. And if you laugh at my jokes, I’ll be your best friend forever. Having grown up in Northern Michigan, I’ve come to deeply love and appreciate a day at the lake, a patch of white birch trees, winding back roads, and any food you can sneak cherries into.



 We are storytellers.


And if life is a story, your wedding will no doubt be one of your favorite chapters. I believe that the best photos not only remind us of an event, but also trigger a memory that is so deep — and so full of feeling — that we transport, if only for a moment, back to that original beautiful occasion.

My mission is to lift that moment from time and hold it suspended apart from all the others, so that you can revisit it again and again throughout the decades of your marriage. In doing so, we’ll work together to create a narrative inspired by laughter, love, family, and friends.

I believe true enjoyment produces sincerely warm and candid photographs, which is why I encourage open, friendly communication before, during, and after your event.

In the end, this is your moment, your day, and your story. Your comfort is of utmost importance to me and I want you to feel completely at ease as I document this time in your life. Let’s experience the genuine smiles, the unaffected tears, and all of the other unnoticed moments that show the true history — the true emotion — of your most special of days.

After all, this chapter is about you and I feel truly privileged to document it.