Glen Haven Winter Engagement | Andrea + Billy | By Luke

Vires, Artes, Mores!

Latin for “Strength, Skill, Character” it is the slogan of Florida State University where Andrea & Billy first met back in 2010.  It can also be easily used to describe this incredible couple!

Andrea & Billy met at school.  “My sorority, Kappa Delta, was paired with his fraternity, Lamba Chi Alpha, to help the guys with their fraternity rush. The girls had to take turns siting at a table and giving all the potential new members name tags before they walked into the Lamba Chi house. There was also a sign in sheet at the table that all the current brothers had to sign every hour confirming that they showed up and stayed at the event. Billy came to sign in every hour and each time asked me to go hang out with him and his friends. I turned him down a few times before eventually taking him up on his offer. We hit it off after both realizing our mutual love for animals and dream of being veterinarians.”

Andrea & Billy’s love for animals quickly grew into an even stronger love for each other.  Tendered and nurtured over time until Billy found the perfect moment (on a 152 foot yacht!) to present Andrea with the big question!

“When we got to the yacht the captain directed Billy and I to the front to go watch the launch. It was at the front of the yacht where Billy got down on one knee and proposed! After the proposal, we walked inside the main room of the yacht and his entire family was in there waiting for us. Minutes later MY family and two best friends walked into the room surprising me! They had driven into town to celebrate! We spent the following hours celebrating with our friends and family!”

Congratulations Andrea & Billy!

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Peninsula Room Winter Wedding | Elisa + Joe | By Anna

“When we got engaged, we thought we were going to have about a year to plan a wedding. However, Joe is in the military, and we found out soon after getting engaged, that we would have to get married now or never. We ended up planning our wedding in a matter of three weeks.” THREE WEEKS! “Due to having a military wedding and needing to plan it in a matter of days, we were looking for a venue that would do most of the work for us and would provide an intimate atmosphere- the Peninsula Room provided all of these things and more. It was perfect.”

And Elisa was right. It truly was perfect. Elisa & Joe’s wedding was nothing short of beautiful, intimate, and overflowing with love. From the first look to those quiet moments before the ceremony, this was a day of emotion, commitment, and meaning. “For Joe, it was during our first look photos. When Joe was waiting for me, it was the first time he had to stand still, and the fact that we were getting married became real to him. For me, the experience was similar. While I was waiting for the ceremony to start, it was the first time I had to be still, and that’s when all of the emotions began processing.”

In the presence of their closest friends and family, Elisa & Joe shared beaming smiles, a few tears, and beautiful vows of love and loyalty in the years to come. Congratulations, Elisa & Joe! May God forever bless your marriage.

Bride’s Dress: Wtoo from To Have and To Hold | Bride’s Shoes: Inc from Macy’s | Wedding & Engagement Ring: Zales | Groom’s Suit: Men’s Wearhouse | Groom’s Ring: Zales | Groomsmen Suit: Men’s Wearhouse | Ceremony & Reception Location: The Peninsula Room | Hair Stylist: Salon Moxie | Makeup Artist: Salon Moxie | Florist: Custom Creations | Caterer: Mission Table | Sweets: TC Cake Connection | DJ: Avatar Media | Officiant: Pastor Chad Bryan

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Glen Arbor Winter Engagement | Alethia + Braden | By Luke

Europe? Asia? Chicago? Why not all three? As long as Alethia & Braden are together, they’ll tackle any adventure.

It didn’t take long for Alethia & Braden to both catch on to how perfect they were for each other. Within the first few months they each had had revelations about how alike they were and how right the other one was for them. In fact, it was their shared love of travel that eventually presented Braden his moment to ask the big question!

“We were in Paris for the week. It was the last day of our trip and we had gone to an art museum. We were getting a little antsy about getting in the last few things we wanted to see. I asked her to go on a walk through a park I had noticed earlier in the trip. I will never forget because she was not happy. She was ready to just get on to the next stop. It was a busy park right next to the Louvre in the late afternoon, but we finally found a park bench. We sat down and I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. We still laugh about how mad Alethia was about the “pointless” walk around that particular Parisian park.”

Alethia, Braden, and Hendrix (their Boxer) are now at the beginning of what I’m sure will be the most exciting adventure ever, as they prepare to start their life together as a family!

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Glen Arbor Winter Engagement | Quin + Joe

“Discover farm-fresh goodness.” That’s the slogan that Bob Evans has chosen to use in its current advertising campaign. And while for many, those four words may hold some truth, what Quin & Joe discovered at Bob Evans was so much more… Quin & Joe met at Bob Evans. “We both used to work there as hosts. Joe actually trained me on my first day!”

What possibly seemed like a typical first day of work quickly grew into something far, far greater. “I knew Joe was the one for me way back when we were still working at Bob’s. We had easily become best friends, and the day we took our first walk on the TART trail during my lunch break, I knew he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. There was just something about him- his personality and sense of humor- that made it so easy to fall in love with him. I knew from the very beginning that I wanted to marry that boy (as crazy as that sounds). It was one of those things where ‘you just know’ you won’t find anyone else more perfect.”

Joe shares a similar story: “I was one of the ‘lucky ones’ who would get the pleasure of opening up the store at 6AM, and I remember finding myself for weeks waiting at the host stand looking out the window to watch Quin come running in at 8AM or sometimes earlier if the manager called her in. Some of these days she would have to run in the rain, others she would never show up (mainly because she never worked on Sundays and I always forgot that). But on this one day, it all hit me that I have been doing this for weeks… almost a couple of months… always waiting for the wonderful woman who made coming in at 6AM worth it.”

As their love grew and the years passed, Quin & Joe soon found themselves in a long distance relationship- Joe in Michigan and Quin in Florida. “I (Quin) was working on an equine reproduction internship in Florida during the spring of 2016, and one morning in June, I walked into the biggest surprise of my life! Joe had secretly been in contact with my boss and family for weeks leading up to the proposal and when everything was ready to go and all the arrangements were made, he flew down from Traverse City to ask me (without me even knowing- he told me he was going to be at the dentist’s in case I tried calling him while he was on the plane). As I was walking into work that morning (hurrying because I was a little late…), I came around the corner to see Joe, down on one knee and holding a ring, in the middle of the breeding barn. It took me a minute to realize what was actually happening- I was just so happy to see him since we hadn’t seen each other in six months. Once I had composed myself, he asked me to marry him, and of course I said yes! He couldn’t have chosen a better time or place to ask me. He recorded the whole proposal and it is definitely something we will never forget!”

Quin & Joe, congratulations on your engagement!

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Best of 2016 Weddings

With 2016 under wraps, the team at DSP has officially, and successfully, completed our eighth year of photographing weddings. As we reflect on these weddings and these couples, we’re reminded why we love what we do. Each of these couples share such much love for their friends, their families, and most of all, each other. To hear the vows, share the tears and see the smiles from each wedding, is a special reminder that love will always exist. Thank you to the 58 couples and their families for once again, inviting us into your lives to document these special moments. May God always bless your marriages!

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