Sleeping Bear Dunes Engagement | Heather + Kevin | By Luke

It was back at U of M, freshmen year in physics class, that Heather and Kevin first met.

“I tried to engage Kevin in conversation, but he was content being quiet, so we didn’t talk much.” says Heather. “I first knew Heather as the girl who was almost always the last one to enter the room for Physics class. Despite always being on the verge of tardiness, she entered the room with a quiet confidence and calmly took her seat. Her bubbly and talkative side was revealed after we were placed in a group together. I was quiet and reserved throughout the whole semester, but knew I wanted to get to know her better.”

Heather & Kevin’s relationship grew from that point on into one that is impressively solid and unshaken.

“After we graduated college, Kevin went to Atlanta for grad school and I went to Connecticut for a job. Although long distance is never easy, for the first time in my life I wasn’t worried being apart, because that’s how much I trusted Kevin. I only (wholeheartedly) trust a couple people in my life, and Kevin is one of them. It was an unexpected realization when we started long distance and made me realize Kevin was truly the one.”

Heather & Kevin (in addition to being awesome) are undeniably meant for each other. When asked what they usually like doing together, Heather replied, “Traveling! We absolutely love adventure!”

Heather & Kevin, Congratulations on your engagement. I cannot wait to see what your future holds!

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