Suttons Bay Schoolhouse Engagement | Kristina + Allen | By Anna

“A beautiful, intelligent, independent, genuine, hard-working woman who enjoys sports and cooks delicious meals… What’s not to love?! In all seriousness, after many trips/vacations, events, ballgames, nights out with friends, visits with our families, completing the Spartan Race together, multiple 5K’s/bike tours and many conversations (arguments included), I’ve learned a lot about Kristina (and from her) and knew she was the person I wanted to spend my life with.”

Kristina & Allen have a truly endearing relationship. With similar interests and hobbies, their deep connection only makes sense. And it is their shared love for athletics, whether watching or playing, has certainly placed a huge part in their relationship. “I got Allen into yoga, and Allen has taught me a lot about the Mets, which is helpful since I currently work in Queens. Over the years, we’ve attended many sporting events (Go Mets, Tigers, Lions and UConn Huskies in particular!) and have also done events together, including the 5 Boro Bike Tour, Tour de Yonkers, a Spartan Race, a 10k and a few 5Ks.”

And that’s what makes their proposal story so perfect. “Yoga and groceries are our usual Sunday morning routine, but I didn’t think much of it when Allen said he was going to the gym instead. I texted him from the Trader Joe’s parking lot to let him know I was on my way home, and again from our parking lot to ask for help carrying in the groceries. No response wasn’t too surprising as he could have had a longer workout, but I could have used a little help with the bags! When I got to our apartment, I saw a note on the door about a ‘Sunday Fun Day Scavenger Hunt’ and knew something was up… Should I put the groceries away? Should I stay in yoga clothes or shower? I put the frozen and fridge items away as quickly as possible and got to work. Allen took me on a trip down memory lane with clues including a text to his brother about a Spartan Race we did and our ongoing jokes about being oldest (and wisest) children, a Michigan puzzle in honor of our many trips to my homeland, signed baseballs from our trips to the diamond, a text to a friend whose wedding we attended early on in our relationship and more. The final clue asked me to meet him at a park we like to visit. I hopped in the shower (no yoga clothes for this moment!), got ready and made my way to Irvington, NY, where Allen was waiting.”

“After I decided on the scavenger hunt idea for the proposal, I had to come up with the ten clues and ask my brother Ben and good friend Keisha for their assistance. Coming up with the ten clues was interesting as it tested my memory of places and events that we attended together over the years. After writing the clues, I then had to think about strategic places to hide them throughout our apartment. The morning of the proposal, I told Kristina that I was skipping yoga for ‘the gym.’ This gave me time to place each clue at their proper location. After doing the scavenger hunt on my own two or three times to make sure it lined up, I had to quickly shower, change and go to the park. Once I arrived at the park, I paced back and forth and rehearsed my words. I anxiously waited for text messages from Ben and Keisha wondering if I had messed up the order of the hunt. Once I received the text from Ben, I knew Kristina would be on her way to the park. I rehearsed my words again and again in my head. The people in the park knew my intention as they saw me pacing with flowers; they smiled at me each time they walked past me. Once Kristina arrived at the park, my nerves calmed down and it was time to propose!”

Kristina & Allen, you two are completely perfect for each other. Congratulations on your engagement!

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