Traverse City Engagement | Kelley + Evan | By Anna

“There wasn’t a specific time for either of us, but we both agree that we knew early on that we were meant for each other. One thing that is unique to us is that we had exactly one conversation about marriage previous to the proposal. I knew I was going to marry him, and I knew that he felt the same… but we didn’t talk about it. I always felt comfortable in our relationship without having to validate our commitment. Because of that I believe that we are meant to be!”

Kelley & Evan met on “I made first contact. I ‘winked’ at him, and luckily he responded with a message. After several communications back and forth, asking the obvious get-to-know-you questions and Seinfield quotes, we decided to meet and grab a drink. That drink turned into dinner and then another few drinks. As they say, the rest is history.”

And history it is! As time passed and season changed, Kelley & Evan’s love for each other and for spending time together grew. “We love to make meals together. It was apparent that Evan liked to cook when- on the third date- he cooked me dinner, which included the most amazing homemade pie. We enjoy the whole process, from searching for recipes, to shopping and prepping the meal. We make a good team! The end result is always the most rewarding part. We can sit for a couple of hours talking, enjoying the food, and each other!”

Kelley & Evan have developed and grown a beautiful, lasting relationship. So when planning a family vacation to Petoskey, MI, Evan knew that he had found the perfect opportunity to ask Kelley to marry him. “We were on vacation with his family in Petoskey, one of the first days he proposed a bike ride. In hindsight, he had been building up this bike ride for several weeks. We rode into town and then kept going. After four or five miles (and unsure of where we were going in the August heat), I finally asked where we were headed (I was pretty tired at this point) to which he told me that we were going to East Park, only a short distance ahead. When we got there, he rode ahead of me (scouting out an appropriate spot to propose). I followed down the winding hill (thinking only of the dreaded ride back up). When he finally stopped in a grassy area in front of large rocks on the shore, we both dismounted the bikes, and I promptly suggested that we sit on the rocks (to rest my tired legs). After sitting, Evan began his ‘proposal’ to which I responded, ‘Oh wait, This is happening? Right now?!’ I was very surprised, and he successfully knelt down on one knee on the shakey rocks and I said Yes!… I think.”

Congratulations on your engagement, Kelley & Evan!

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  • Nancy Kurkowski

    06.09.2017 at 10:16 Reply

    Wow! Two people so in love! It is so beautiful to see. Keep these photos close because before you know it the years pass and it is 50 years later. Congratulations to both of you! And many blessings in the many years to come.

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