Traverse City Winter Engagement | Alex + Will

“We lived in the same dorm our freshman year at DePaul University, but we didn’t know each other that well. The following year, I went to a party that Will and his roommates were throwing. It came up in conversation that I had a taser, and of course, Will wanted to know what it felt like. So I tased him… in front of everyone… and then we spent the rest of the night talking.”

“Well she altered my brain chemistry when she tased me. No, but seriously I don’t really believe that there’s one significant moment when I realized that we were meant for each other. It’s more like a ton of small moments when I’ve decided again and again that I want to spend my life with Alex.”

“I also can’t point to one moment in time when I realized we were meant for each other. Instead, our relationship has grown and evolved with us. Along the way, I’ve continuously chosen to value Will and value our relationship.”

Alex & Will’s story is one of those stories you just can’t make up. Tasers, talking, learning, loving. It’s a story of love and growth and commitment. So it only makes sense that the next step in their story is that of marriage. “We had been talking about getting married for a while. Will was planning on talking to my parents when they came to visit us for the weekend, and apparently my mom was planning to do the same. As soon as she got to the city, my mom called Will and asked him to meet with her. He basically told her he was planning to propose and she basically told him she knew. Then my mom gave Will my grandmother’s ring. The following week, we went for a walk along the lakeshore path and we stopped to sit by a secluded, little lily pond. I set my purse down and when I turned back around, Will was down on one knee. He gave me a sonnet that he had written and then he gave me my grandmother’s ring. I cried the whole time.”

Alex & Will, you two have something very special. Congratulations on your engagement!

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