Traverse City, MI Engagement | Alicia + Paul

“The longer we’ve been together, the easier our relationship has become. Committing to each other simply made sense.”

We can all agree that proposal stories are always fun to hear. How did he ask? What was her reaction? Did she see it coming? Some stories go according to plan, but for Alicia & Paul, “The proposal wasn’t one that either of us entirely expected.” Originally, Paul had planned to propose to Alicia on a weekend trip to Flagstaff, Arizona. But their dog, Kona, had other plans. So instead of hiking and enjoying the great outdoors together in Flagstaff, Alicia & Paul spent their entire Saturday at the vet’s office, day dreaming of how the weekend could have gone. And although his proposal plans were temporarily postponed, Paul was far from defeated and soon made arrangements for another trip to Flagstaff two weekends later. This time, however, it was the weather that intervened. When they arrived to Flagstaff, it was raining heavily. So instead of a proposal at Lowell Observatory (as Paul had originally planned), they found themselves in a movie theater packed with small children watching the Boxtrolls. Still, Paul was determined. So the next day, as the weather finally started to break, they set off for a hike. This was his chance! A little ways off the trail, Paul found a spot on a boulder that was illuminated by sunlight. And there, at that boulder, Paul asked Alicia to be his wife. And of course, she said yes!

Alicia & Paul share a love for hiking and camping in northern Arizona, but much more importantly, they share a deep love for each other. And that is very evident. Congrats on your engagement, Alicia & Paul!

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