Traverse City Winter Engagement | Daniela + Scott

They were in Seattle. At Daniela’s favorite place to eat. “Best of My Love” by the Emotions was playing in the background. The stage was set. And it was perfect.

“After I finished scarfing down a huge plate of gluten-free biscuits and gravy, Scott asked to take a selfie of them on my phone. I was immediately suspicious that Scott wanted to take a selfie, but went along with it anyway. Before Scott hit the button to take the picture, I saw something glitter in the corner of the screen… It was all tears and kisses from there.”

Daniela & Scott met in a civil rights class during their last semester of law school. It was about ten minutes before class started, and everyone was coming into class and picking the seat that would be theirs the rest of the semester. Daniela was already in class, set up and ready to go. When Scott came in and, he surveyed the room and determined he didn’t know anyone in the class. So decided to sit next to Daniela… because she was the prettiest girl in the whole room. A few weeks later, he talked to her for the first time. And the rest is history.

“I knew Scott and I were meant for each other the summer after law school finished. We were studying for the bar exam (Scott in Michigan, while I was in Texas). Scott was the first person I called in the morning when I needed help with a bar exam issue and the last person I talked to in the evening (usually this call involved tears because I was so nervous I would fail). Scott always encourages me and tells me I can do anything (including skiing for the first time… which was a disaster).”

Encouragement, love, and a great sense of humor… All very important pieces to any relationship, and these two definitely share those in abundance. Congratulations and best wishes, Daniela & Scott!

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