Traverse City, MI Engagement | Rebekah + Kyle

Two weeks. Wyoming & Colorado. Yellowstone & Grand Teton.

Rebekah & Kyle share a love for being outdoors and exploring creation. So it couldn’t have been more fitting for this couple that met on a camping trip, to become engaged on one as well.

They were in Grand Teton National Park, hiking along the Cascade Canyon Trail. As they made their way down the trail, they soon reached a spot where the trees opened up, exposing mountain peaks in every direction. In awe of the beauty surrounding them, Rebekah & Kyle took a moment to stop and enjoy the view. Unfortunately, however, the sun was hidden behind a patch of clouds so they decided to wait for it to emerge. Then, when the sun finally came out and the other hikers were out of sight, Kyle sat down by Rebekah and simply asked, “Marry me?” It was perfect.

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  • Uncle Bob & Aunt Karen

    04.05.2015 at 11:00 Reply

    You two look so very happy!!! May our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, continue to watch over you as you move on to a new and wonderful chapter in your lives!!! So very looking forward to seeing you become One in Christ!!!

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