Traverse City, MI Music Video – "Forget Me Not" by Jetty Rae

This weekend Liz, Jason, Sara, Jetty Rae, and lots of volunteers and I set out to make a music video–actually, technically we shot video for two! 90% of our time was spent shooting for Jetty Rae‘s “Forget me not” music video, while the rest of the time we spent shooting some footage for a film + music video for Sara’s movie “Bad Apples”. The first night we were at Dorothy Jean in downtown Traverse City from 7PM Saturday to 5AM Sunday. We were back at it again at 10AM Sunday at the Traverse City Opera House, made our way to Traverse City Commons, Wilson’s Antiques and called it quits around 7PM after finishing up at the Traverse City State Theatre. It was a great experience and a WHOLE lot of fun being able to work with such amazing and talented people. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product!

Shout Outs!

  1. A huge thanks to my parents for making and supplying the team with food and beverages.
  2. The stores mentioned above for allowing us to use their stores.
  3. Warren for making the track & cart system and the ring light.
  4. Andy Wakeman Photography for lending us his video equipment.

Technical Comments:

  1. Everything was shot on a Canon 5D Mark II at 24fps.
  2. I was originally going to use a Canon XF305 on loan from Canon because of the auto focus, but found that the 5D Mark II produced FAR superior video quality. I couldn’t believe how “noisy” the image was that came from the XF305! Goes to show that bigger is not always better.
  3. The 5D Mark II does not support viewing of LiveView and output to an external display which made setting up shots a little difficult, but we worked around it. We shot the video, then reviewed it using a HDMI to Mini HDMI cable hooked up to an on-site 24″ monitor.
  4. It was a little hard to manually focus during the actions scenes but I caught on after a little practice.
  5. I was surprised how much quicker the batteries drained while shooting video versus still photography. I would say that we went through 3-4 batteries the first night of shooting (about 10 hours).
  6. 19 hours of total shooting with a total of 65GB of RAW footage. It’s hard to believe that amount of footage we captured for what will turn out to be about 5 minutes of video!
  7. We were prepared to use hot lights for the indoor shots, but to our surprise the available and ambient light worked out great largely thanks to the use of the 5D Mark II and not the XF305!
  8. Using a steadycam is a lot hard then it looks, that’s all I have to say about that.

The images below were taken as test frames.

Jetty Rae in Dorothy Jean Jetty Rae in Dorothy Jean Jetty Rae as Mary Magdalene in Dorothy Jean Jetty Rae at the Traverse City Opera House Jetty Rae at Wilson's Antique Jetty Rae and Sara Liza Baumann getting ready for Bad Apples at the Traverse City State Theatre.


  • sara

    22.11.2010 at 03:18 Reply

    WOO! Amazing work to everyone who worked on this for making the entire vision come together, I can't even believe that this is all EXACTLY what I envisioned! Beautiful work! Love you all!

  • Derek Montgomery

    22.11.2010 at 03:46 Reply

    I like it. Can't wait to see the final product!

  • Jason

    22.11.2010 at 07:34 Reply

    You are so beautiful Jetty Rae 🙂

  • Nana Rundle

    22.11.2010 at 08:56 Reply

    Beautiful Jetty Rae can't wait to see finished product and hear the song. You all did a great job, but I knew it would be look who's making it

  • Whitney

    22.11.2010 at 09:32 Reply

    Um. Wow. That's all I can honestly say. I cannot wait to see this.

  • Aunt Laura

    23.11.2010 at 00:52 Reply

    Totally rocks! Photography is great, outfits were awesome, the stores you picked were really cool. Well done. I am very proud of all of you.


    23.11.2010 at 08:05 Reply

    Beautiful as alway! Good luck in all your endevours!

  • Jackie

    23.11.2010 at 12:07 Reply

    Is that the person who I met in China? I cannot believe it! So beautiful! I am looking forward to the product!

  • Rick Hodgkinson

    24.11.2010 at 20:01 Reply

    Hey , I feel like a distant relation I was introduced to Jetty,s
    Music by " her "Uncle Doug" ( wouldnt advise him to give up his day job to pursue a singing career Ha!)
    But ay least someone in the familly has an excellent musical talent , we are on location in Brazil and I live in Germany ,Excellent music and songs keep it up lets have some more , if any help is needed in promoting your music in Europe drop me a line .
    I am a semi retired Musician and get out there now and then and suprise a few people around the world ,to make write music is a beautiful talent to have and a gift that never leaves you,enjoy it and most of all help others enjoy it Good job! Rick Hodgkinson

  • D Wiz

    29.11.2010 at 07:29 Reply

    Wow….the stills are amazing!!! I'm sure the final product is going to be SPECTACULAR!

  • Donna Marie

    27.08.2013 at 15:18 Reply

    Nice! I am from TC – and heading up for visit in September. Last summer my daughter was married there and family heard Jetty Rae play at a local bar – they got me her cd – LOVE IT! Was hoping to find she’d be there in September. Don’t see it on her schedule 🙁 Nice photos! I used to own a major photography studio in TC – ex husband still doing a bit with it… Nice work!

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