Intimate Empire, MI Wedding | Courtney + Ryan

“Words don’t do justice to how beautiful she looked. And I’m the one the Lord saw fit to be worthy enough to have her as my bride? I’m truly a lucky man.”

“In that moment, I couldn’t believe God found me worthy of his heart. It makes me cherish it that much more.”

Perspective. For Courtney & Ryan, their wedding day was a day to celebrate many things: their love and new union, the faithfulness and blessings of God, their individual pasts and future together. “Jesus did SO much to bring us to that point, and I couldn’t believe all the blessings He freely gave and was continuing to give that day. Ryan’s family had already become my family WAY before we signed any papers and being able to celebrate the two of us finding our ‘other-half’ was truly overwhelming. He and I had been through so much in our individual lives, and it was a day to celebrate that Jesus can take our ashes and turn them into such beauty. I was also thinking, this has to be too good to be true. I get to marry this man? I get to boast in saying he will be the father to my children? I felt a huge but EXCITING responsibility to grow closer to the Lord so I could be the best wife to him.”

Standing in the cozy living room of Ryan’s parents’ home, Courtney & Ryan pledged their love and their lives to each other forever. “What made the venue SO special to us was that this was the home Ryan spent many of his years growing up in. It’s where his parents still live, and now every time we walk in their living room, it’s not only a living room anymore… it’s a place where Ryan and I can look back and remember the sovereignty of Jesus over the two of us and where our lives as ‘one’ began.”

Courtney & Ryan, your love and lives are a refreshing reminder of how precious God’s blessings truly are. Congratulations and may Gob bless your marriage!

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