Ann Arbor Fall Engagement | Rachel + Vincent | By Anna


“Vincent and I were two kids leaving home for the first time when we met. We were freshmen in college at Western Michigan University living next door to each other. We first met in the dorm hallway one day after class, and that is when our initial friendship began.”

Rachel & Vincent have something beautiful. Lasting. Simply meant to be.

“I knew that we were meant for each other when I never wanted to leave his side. During a year when we both left our homes for the first time, I found my new home. It was whenever I was with Vincent. I didn’t have a name for the feeling I had when I was with him, because I hadn’t felt it before. One day we were driving together and he put on a new song he liked – it was Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – I knew then and there. He was my home and the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.”

Vincent agrees: “Rachel and I have been through a lot over the eleven years we have known each other. We dated seven years prior to the 26th of August so to know each other is an understatement. I believe we always knew we were going to be together from the moment we initially met in college. Then from leaving college and heading into the real world where we both began our careers and the struggles that came with that, I feel we are beyond meant for each other.”

Rachel & Vincent’s story is one of lasting love. They have been together through the highs and lows of life and through some of life’s greatest transitions. So it was only a matter of time before wedding bells would ring.

“Vincent’s family owns land in Pennsylvania where we vacation a few times each summer. It was the first place we ever went on vacation alone. The weekend of August 25th Vincent surprised me by making a stop to Pittsburgh to have a nice dinner before heading to the cabin that Friday night. Saturday the 26th we woke up and went for a morning walk. We stopped at a small lake on the property and were taking in the view, when Vincent told me to turn around. There he was – down on one knee in the mud! He told me I was his best friend and asked me to marry him. We like to say – we went in to the woods as boyfriend and girlfriend and came out fiancés!”

Congratulations, Rachel & Vincent!