A Romantic Engagement at Boca Grande | Sara + Gavin


Romantic encounters often happen when we least expect them. For Gavin, a seasoned real estate broker, and Sara, the journey began with a simple property listing on Facebook. The initial contact was sparked when Sara spotted a house listed by Gavin. Although the first house wasn’t the right fit, it marked the beginning of their story. A year later, Sara remembered Gavin when another house caught her eye. She reached out to him to represent her in the buying process, rekindling their connection. This was the start of something special, as over the next few years, their casual encounters gradually evolved into a meaningful relationship.

Gavin chose a romantic setting for the proposal, opting for a golf course in Bradenton, FL, where he owns a home. This spot was not just any location, but a family property for decades, adding a layer of personal history to the moment. The proposal happened on the green behind Gavin’s house, symbolizing not just their current joy but a spot they could look back on for years to come. Gavin’s heartfelt message about growing old together and cherishing the engagement spot in their future backyard was a testament to his deep love and commitment to Sara.

Both Gavin and Sara had their unique moments of realization regarding their bond. Despite being an overthinker, Sara felt a deep, intuitive certainty about her future with Gavin. She was convinced early on that they were destined to be together. Gavin knew he had found his partner when he noticed his eagerness to fill each day with her presence and looked forward to starting new days together.

Among the myriad activities they enjoy together, cooking and golfing stand out. These activities not only provide them with joy and relaxation but also symbolize their ability to share and cherish moments, whether in the kitchen or on the golf course.

Gavin and Sara’s romantic story highlights how love can find us in the most unexpected places and times. Through property listings, casual reconnections, and shared moments, they built a relationship that is both inspiring and deeply human. Their journey reminds us that sometimes, the best things in life are not those we meticulously plan for but those that surprise us along the way.

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