Brengman Brothers Elopement | Laney + Steven | By Luke


Intimate and Silly are two words that definitely embody Laney & Steven’s elopement!

With everything going on this year, there have been so many unfortunate changes of plans. However, for Laney & Steven things actually turned out a bit in their favor! “When we got engaged July 2, 2019 we looked at wineries around traverse city that we’ve been too many times and considered having our wedding there. Our guest list ended up quite large so Brengman Brothers Winery was out of the question last year due to having too many people. BUT now that covid hit in 2020 we had to have a small ceremony with just 20 people or less, so we ended up being able to have our ceremony there like we originally wanted when we first got engaged!”

It may not have been what they were originally planning but Laney & Steven’s day turned out just perfect! “There were 20 + people staying at my cabin at torch lake, basically we were all camping, so we all woke up and scrambled to get ready together in a not so typical “wedding day” space. It was also a little difficult due to us not having our dream wedding I have been planning with Steven for years and years–I knew as I was getting dressed in my little white sun dress that it wasn’t my wedding dress, but Steven reminded me that it will be an amazing day regardless of it not turning out how we planned. But we had the best time together at the cabin with our closest family and friends and headed into traverse city for the ceremony. The boys drove separate from the girls, so we all talked about memories on our way to the winery!”

Laney + Steven, It was such an honor to photograph your coming together and I’m so excited for the both of you. Congrats!