BrixStone Farms Engagement | Liz + Keaton


Liz + Keaton’s engagement session was in the perfect location to give ode to their proposal. “I often drag Keaton on walks with me around the orchard. One day, Keaton insisted we go on a walk around the orchard. We were in the back field when he got down on one knee and asked if I wanted to spend forever with him. I was mesmerized by the ring and didn’t say anything for a minute. So he asked me again and I said sure! It was perfect.”

When we asked Liz when she knew that she and Keaton were meant for each other, her response was, “When Keaton moved out to New York after college, he would normally come back to visit for a Fourth of July celebration. Our siblings would all get together for a pool party. The summer of 2017 while he was in town we had a heart to heart and expressed our feelings for each other. We decided to try to make a relationship work through long distance. I went out to visit him that August for the first time and we made our relationship official. That’s when I knew it was meant to be after knowing him for 4 years already when meeting in 2013 at my sisters wedding.” The long distance was a deciding factor for both of them. Keaton said that he knew they were meant to be when “Liz would travel to New York every couple months to visit me while we were long distance for the first two years of our relationship.”

The distance truly drew this beautiful couple together. Congratulations, Liz and Keaton! We can’t wait to capture your upcoming wedding.