Empire Dune Hike Engagement | Emma + Nick


As two of Nick’s best friends lived in the same hall as Emma freshman year of college, it gave Nick and Emma time to hang out in a group of people before they began to gravitate towards each other and enjoy Ann Arbor as a couple. “Nick worked at a nearby movie theater and, occasionally, in his rush to meet up with us on campus would show up in his goofy uniform, complete with red vest and bow tie, smelling of buttered popcorn. How could I resist that!?”

Using the excuse that they both needed a relaxing get away after some tough exams, Nick rented a cabin by a lake in northern Michigan. I was initially a little suspicious, but since we had both taken some tough exams the previous week, I just assumed Nick wanted to have a relaxing weekend celebrating that.” In early November, when the leaves were flying about in the fall air, Nick and Emma were enjoying a cozy cabin and the company of their soon to be fiancé. Staying in for most of the first night, “we made dinner, baked a big cherry chocolate cake from scratch, and watched a movie. Nick later told me that he had initially planned to propose that night, but got nervous and hadn’t found the right moment. The next morning after going for a walk around the lake and then having breakfast (and apparently a quick pep talk in the bathroom mirror!), Nick got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.”

Nick and Emma had been apart of each other’s lives for so long that they knew the other was meant to complete them. “It’s like she is a part of me. My personality, my happiness, my purpose is tied with hers. I think the first time I thought about us being together forever was years ago. I had gone away for a few weeks to visit my friend in California, and I just couldn’t stand being without her. I still feel that all the time.”

It gradually became more and more clear that Nick was the one for Emma, “I do remember a moment when we were up north for Nick’s sister’s wedding where I realized I truly felt like part of the family. It was both comforting and exciting at the same time. This was perfectly illustrated later at the reception when his sisters and cousins secretly conspired to rig the bouquet and garter toss so that Nick and I would both be the ones to catch them!”

Spending time cooking dinner, or baking a yummy dessert, working together in the kitchen is something both Emma and Nick love.

Congratulations Emma and Nick!