Treat Farm Trail Engagement | Tamara + Ryan | By Luke


“I knew we were meant for each other when I realized we made a great team. Through getting to know Tamara, I learned that we had common goals. We wanted the same things out of life, and together the sum of our relationship was greater than the individual parts.”

Getting to spend an afternoon with Tam + Ryan was an infectious experience. Their drive for adventure and excitement in getting know new people let me know right away that this is a special couple! Their love for each other was palpable and vivid and it’s been that way since the first day they met!

“Tam and I met at a bar in our neighborhood. It was after work on a Monday and we had both had a rough day. Despite being a craft beer enthusiast, I was drinking a Miller Lite. Tam sat down next to me, ordered a craft beer and proceeded to heckle me about my choice in beer. The brief exchange opened the door for some banter and our conversation progressed from there. Conversation was flowing and we had an immediate connection. After a couple of pints, Tamara proposed we move to one of her favorite spots for another drink and a bite to eat. The night seemed to move in fast forward and before we knew it the restaurant was preparing to close. I walked Tam to her car and based on how the night went I felt that a kiss was in order. Risking rejection, I went in for the kiss & as they say “sparks flew”. We both knew we had found something special and made plans to meet again soon… and from there the rest is history!”

That history has been filled with lots of adventures and exploring, but probably the most memorable was their trip to Canada.

“Tam and I traveled to Whistler Canada for a ski trip and to spend a few days in downtown Vancouver. Prior to leaving I had conducted exhaustive research on prospective locations to pop the question – do I propose in Whistler, do I propose in Vancouver? Decisions, decisions… Upon arriving at Whistler we checked into our hotel and decided to walk into Whistler Village. Our walk into the village took us across a gorgeous covered bridge, suspended above a rushing river, illuminated by ambient LED lighting. The mountains were in the background and the trees were cloaked in a layer of fresh snow. In that moment I knew that’s where I was going to propose. The next morning on our walk to breakfast, we stopped on the covered bridge to take in the setting. After waiting for foot traffic to clear, I dropped to one knee and proposed! She was not expecting it all, and said Yes! The rest of the day was just as memorable as the proposal itself, with absolutely perfect ski conditions, hot tub beers and a fantastic dinner.”

Tam + Ryan, your story already has “fairytale” written all over it and I am so excited for what adventures that lay ahead!