Empire Bluff Proposal | Lisa + Ryan

by | Aug 24, 2020

“After he realized we could go to the gym and to church together, and we had similar drive and values, he said he was ‘head over heels.’”

Lisa + Ryan are the real deal. “Ryan and I met on an online dating app (which we both hate to admit sometimes but hey it worked!). We went on our first date in Plymouth, MI, and then explored different spots throughout Metro Detroit for our next dates, including ice skating in Downtown Detroit, a Christmas festival, to the movies, and explored different restaurants.” As Lisa + Ryan spent more time together, it quickly became evident that they had found something truly special so it was only a matter of time before Ryan would pop the question.

“We were in northern Michigan with my family for the week. One day, Ryan told me he had a surprise for me and that he was taking me wine tasting! We had just been to Napa for wine tasting so I was quite excited to test our skills. After the wine tasting, he said he had another surprise and he said we were going on a treasure hunt! There was a tour guide waiting for us in a fancy convertible who took us to a trailhead. Thankfully he had brought my flip flops for the walk. We hiked up the Empire Bluff trail which has a beautiful scenic overlook of Lake Michigan. He led me to the “treasure” which was a circle of rose petals at the top of the dune. He then got down on one knee and proposed! The photographer Dan then popped out of the bushes (he was there the whole time and had captured the moment) and took some more photos of us. Ryan then said he had another surprise for me- the convertible took us back to the resort and there stood my family, his mom who flew in from Florida, and my three best friends who made the four hour drive up north. There was a beautiful set up with decorations, flowers, candles, lights, and dinner and drinks, all with a professional jazz guitarist serenading the party. We had champagne and celebrated the night away!”

Lisa + Ryan, it was truly an honor to be invited into your story and capture your proposal for you. Congratulations!


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