Bohemian Beach Engagement | Areli + Francisco


Areli + Francisco met through a mutual friend who invited the two of them out to see a movie. One thing led to another and Francisco finally asked Areli out on a date. They walked the streets of Chicago and had dinner on a rooftop near the river. “As the night went, I felt that we could talk for hours. In fact, we lost track of time when we continued our conversation past midnight when we were at the top level of the parking garage where he had left his car in the city. On our way home, he suggested that we should go ice skating at Millennium Park near the Chicago bean. I agreed, even though I had no idea how to skate! But he had promised to teach me.” Since that day, the two never broke communication. After talking about dreams, goals, and future plans, they knew they wanted to spend forever together. “I wanted to properly propose to her. We love spending time together so I planned a trip to the beach at Empire Michigan, then about 1 hour before sunset, we went for a hike to the dunes as far as possible to see the the sunset just the two of us, we made it just in time. When the sunset was at its prime, I showed her the ring and proposed to her and she said ‘yes’ with a beautiful smile on her face. She did not expect that trip to be for a proposal.” The two are very excited to share a life together and continue to set goals for their future.