Peterson Park Engagement | Bethany + Peter | By Luke


Bethany & Peter… where do I even begin with this couple?  After only knowing them a short while, I felt as though we had been friends for years.  Ready to dive into any adventure if it meant making good memories (and good photographs).

Their story started all the way back in their teenage years. “We first crossed paths during a school dance at Wyoming High School in Cincinnati, Ohio. Although we went to the dance separately, the night left an impression that would last for years to come. Attending the same college, the University of Cincinnati, should have given us many opportunities for our paths to meet again. We shared common friends, greek life, and business classes, yet it wasn’t until a warm fall night, at the Blind Lemon, that Peter walked into his first shift as a bartender where I worked as a cocktail waitress. Without knowing why there was a sense of familiarity from the start. After a little small talk, and flirtatious exchanges, we discovered our commonality, and have been in each other’s lives ever since.”

When you meet Bethany & Peter, it’s no surprise they’ve chosen to live the rest of their lives together.  They go together better than bacon, sausage and french toast (Peter’s favorite breakfast)!  “Peter and I have always been partners. As best friends we always have great stories, making sure the other has a happy belly, and help each other decompress after long days at work. One night during a busy weekend shift, Peter sent me a pick-me-up text to keep me motivated through the night-a link to a song, ‘Say You Won’t Let Go’ by James Arthur. Unable to catch a break at work, I had to anxiously wait until my drive home to hear it. When I finally hit play, the first verse flooded my thoughts with amusing memories from past college parties. The song went on reflecting memories of special breakfasts in bed, morning kisses, and sharing a future life together. At that moment I had never felt so sure of our love, and then the final verse sang ‘I want to live with you, even when we’re ghosts, ’cause you were always there for me when I needed you most.’ That is when I knew he was my forever person to share the promise ’til death we part’ like in our vows.”

It didn’t take Peter too long to realize that what he had with Bethany was truly special, and that he had better do something about it to make it permanent. “During the week we went sightseeing to share the slice of paradise on M-22, recreating old memories and visiting places held in our hearts. Enlisting the help of his family, Peter planned to create a new memory in his favorite place, Overlook #10 on Pierce Stocking Scene Drive. 450 feet over lake Michigan, Peter held my hand as we walked to the end of the overlook to capture the amazing colors of sunset. In a Grammy-worthy performance, Peter gasped as he fumbled the “ring” over the edge. I shockingly looked over in search of the flying object, only to discover that it was a RingPop, lying next the words “MARRY ME?” written in the sand. I turned back around to Peter on his right knee, holding the actual ring. Before he could say anything, I joyously exclaimed “Yes!” and embraced him. I even climbed down to write my answer in the sand!”

Bethany & Peter, I am beyond excited for the two of you and feel so blessed to have gotten to know you.  I know that no matter what you do, whether it be climbing cliffs or sitting down on Saturday mornings at your favorite family diner, jamming out to jukebox music while you have your staple breakfasts, you’ll be happy as long as you are with each other.