Glen Arbor, MI Engagement | Jane + Andy

It all began when Jane found a card on the kitchen counter with her name on it.

Andy had planned the perfect proposal. It was a Friday, and Jane had the day off from work. The plan began to unfold when Jane found Andy’s note, telling her that he had booked a surprise 1-hour massage for her that morning. She immediately called Andy to say thank you and question him about the occasion. After being told that the massage was a belated birthday present, she went to the massage without giving it much more thought.

As she walked back to her car an hour later, Jane received a text from Andy that led her to yet another card. This one contained money and a message that said, “I hope you enjoyed your massage! I made dinner reservations at 7pm tonight so buy yourself a new dress.” Now she was suspicious, but Andy was sticking with the birthday story. After returning home later that afternoon, Jane was greeted by Andy who suggested that they take a walk before dinner. And that’s when it happened. As they arrived at a bench in the park near their home, Jane turned around to find Andy down on one knee, ring in hand, asking her to marry him.

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