Picnic in the Dunes Engagement | Jordan + Kyle


New York City.

It’s a global destination. A whirlwind of activity. It’s truly a special place. And for Jordan + Kyle, it sets the scene for some of life’s most precious memories.

Jordan + Kyle met in 2017 on a work trip. Both being contractors for nuclear power plants and new to the industry, they quickly developed a friendship. “He was kind, silly, and the realest person I had met on the job, so naturally a friendship formed.” After reconnecting a few months after that initial trip, they soon confessed their feelings for each other and decided to see where it might lead.

A few months into dating, Jordan + Kyle visited NYC for the first time together. “Kyle knew how much I loved New York after our first trip there in December 2017. We had been together for a few months and as cheesy as it sounds, it really was magical. We met so many people from all over the country on our trip, and everyone could see how happy we were together. I told him I loved for the first time right under the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.”

For Jordan, that first New York City trip was more than just fun and laughter, it also provided a glimpse of her future. “I knew Kyle was the one on that first trip to New York. Kyle instantly brought out a side out of me that I missed in myself. He helped me open up, let loose, and taught me not to care what people think (though I am still working on that one). With Kyle anything is possible and nothing feels out of reach. We balance each other out very well, and I knew from then on that our life would always be a grand adventure.”

Jordan + Kyle were truly on a beautiful journey, and it was only a matter of time before Kyle would get down on one knee and pop the question. “Flash forward two years, and he tells me he wants to go on another trip to New York out of nowhere. Of course I was totally okay with that, so we started planning. I should have known something was up when he told me I should get my nails done, but I genuinely just thought this was another trip because we usually plan them last minute. On our third day there, we went back to visit the Rockefeller tree, and in the exact same spot where I first told him I loved him, he got down on one knee. He was nervous, and I was so shocked I just kept saying, ‘Are you serious?!’. He was very serious. Afterwards we went to a revolving rooftop bar to celebrate, and when we got back to the hotel room, I cried when I saw that he had had them decorate the room with chocolates and roses. It was the most perfect night.”

Jordan + Kyle, from your mutual love of traveling to crossing things off your shared bucket list, you two are a beautiful complement to the other. Congratulations on your engagement!