Glen Arbor, MI Engagement | Kara + Matt

“It dawned on me that I was ecstatically happy, and I couldn’t imagine life without him.”

Twelve years ago, Kara officially met Matt during their freshman year of high school when a beautiful friendship bloomed. Their similar interests and complementing personalities attracted them to one another. Realizing they truly enjoyed being around each other, they let their friendship grow into a lasting relationship and never looked back. For Kara, she realized that Matt was the “one” as she pondered all the experiences they had together. Regardless of what they are doing from small chores to rock climbing, Matt brings joy to Kara each and every time. They are adventurers through and through, and value the support they have for one another’s aspirations.

It is incredible the amount of interests these two share, but one is their strong desire to travel. Because of this, Matt decided to plan a proposal while they were in Taiwan to visit Kara’s parents. Praying that airport security wouldn’t check his backpack with her ring in it, Kara & Matt safely made it to Tapie, Taiwan, where Matt was eager to pop the question. However, wanting everything to be perfect, Matt waited a few days until they visited Thailand. The day was lovely and the evening was even better as they ended at a gorgeous beach. Matt suggested he and Kara talk a stroll on the coastline, while her parents hung back to take some pictures. A ways up the shore, Matt turned to Kara and asked her to be his wife. Kara could not have been more surprised! She knew she would marry Matt, but didn’t realize he would propose so soon. Even though she was completely taken off guard, she excitedly and joyfully say “Yes!” and would not have wished it to happen any other way.

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