Romantic Engagement on the Dunes | Kris + Dave


“It was really clear after the first time we met that we had so much in common and I just wanted to keep getting to know Dave better. He asked me on a few dates and it was very clear that neither of us wanted to stop seeing each other.”

Kris and Dave met at a barbeque during their first week of dental school. They started talking about music, traveling and adventure and it was after this day that they both knew they were meant for one another. “There was an instant connection that was so exciting, I knew I had to ask her out on a date and that it would go well. After that first date, I had to keep seeing her and knew that she was the one for me.” Although, previously they had both sworn off dating a fellow student, their connection was not one either could ignore and everything felt so natural between them.

These two share a love for exploring nature and hiking together, so Dave had the perfect idea for asking Kris to be his wife. “Dave proposed to me on the shores of Lake Michigan at the Sleeping Bear Dunes, a place we had hikes many times and had a lot of memories together at. After the proposal we went back to our cottage and my whole family was there from southern Michigan as a surprise to celebrate. I had no idea! It was a really memorable night.”