Sleeping Bear Point Engagement | Michaela + Conor | By Anna


Michaela + Conor met while working at their high school bookstore in the summer of 2012. “We became good friends that summer and started dating the following year.”

From just being friends to being in a long distance relationship, it didn’t take long for Michaela + Conor to recognize that they had found something special in each other.

“While Conor and I went to different colleges we would Skype twice a week. We Skyped for hours at a time and would talk about everything and anything. I couldn’t believe I could have a conversation with someone for hours and still want to keep talking. I knew he was the one because even after a couple hour Skype session I wanted to get back on Skype and talk for a few more hours that same night.”

“I knew we were meant to be together while we were at different colleges. I couldn’t wait to get home and spend as much time as possible with Michaela. I couldn’t wait for her to come visit MSU, and I couldn’t wait to head to Milwaukee to visit her at Marquette. I had never missed anyone as much as I missed her. I could hardly wait once we were both back in Chicago to propose!”

And that is just what Conor did. “On the anniversary of our first kiss, Conor took me back to that special spot in Grant park and got down on one knee. He just barely beat a downpour which made things all the more interesting.”

Congratulations on your engagement, Michaela + Conor!