Sleeping Bear Dunes Engagement | Michelle + Kevin


“We really do enjoy doing a lot of things together, but I would say our favorite would be traveling around the world together (our top international trips have been New Zealand and Greece, although we love a good road trip, too), and then coming home to just relax on the couch, drinking wine, and watching The Office.”

Countless hours spent traveling the world together is a good test to see if you’re meant for one another – and Michelle and Kevin passed with flying colors (no pun intended!) “I knew after we took a 13 hour road trip out to Rhode Island. Spending that much time in the car together can be a challenge usually, but we had a blast and after that trip I really felt that she was the one.”

Michelle and Kevin met at Michigan State in a business fraternity called Delta Sigma Pi. “One of the first times we met was when we were both running for the same VP position of our pledge class. Not only did Kevin calm my nerves and tell me I would do great, but I also saw he had brought his sister (who was Pledge Educator at the time actually) a rose that night because he heard she had a bad day. In that moment I knew he was a special guy. 7 1/2 years later we’ve been through so many ups and downs and truly have grown together as we’ve grown up.”

Those 71/2 years lead to Michelle and Kevin finding forever in each other. It wasn’t long before Kevin was down on one knee asking Michelle to be his wife. “We went out for dinner for our 7 year anniversary at Cliff Bell’s in downtown Detroit on December 1st. After dinner, I said that we were going to meet up with some co-workers for a birthday party (that actually was occurring elsewhere) at a bar Campus Martius. During the winter season, there is an ice rink and giant Christmas tree in the middle of Campus Martius. To sell the bit, a co-worker of mine met us to park in the structure and we all walked over to the bar together. Upon passing to the Christmas tree, my co-worker suggested that Michelle take a picture of him and I to send to one of our Managers. After that, I said ‘well we may as well get one in front of the tree while we’re here.’ When we got ready for the picture (which allowed my co-worker to stand right in front of us and get a great photo), I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. It was a great moment in front of the Christmas tree which is Michelle’s favorite holiday.”

Of course, Michelle said ‘yes!’ as she had found her true partner for life. “He’s funny, caring, generous, easy going, and best of all – he accepts me for all my crazy flaws and helps me to be a better person. I also feel like we can talk about anything with each other, which is very important to me.”

Congratulations Michelle and Kevin! What a beautiful love story you are creating.