Sleeping Bear Dunes Engagement | Rachel + Bradley


It all began their first day at Michigan State University College of Law when Rachel sat next to Bradley. When she decided she’d rather sit by her friends, Bradley joked about the fact that Rachel did not want to sit by him. Rachel laughed and tried to explain her actions when suddenly she invites him to join her volleyball team. It was a long season with no wins however Bradley and Rachel’s story turned out to be much more successful! From losing volleyball games to studying daily in the library, Rachel and Bradley were “a match made in law school heaven”. They appreciated quality time together and the simplicity of being somewhere new. “Instead of gifts and dinners for holidays and special occasions, we would rather spend time together exploring new places and making memories together.” That common interest made it simple for Bradley when choosing the proposal location. He decided to take her on a trip to celebrate their upcoming graduation. “Rachel had always wanted to visit the Bourbon trail in Kentucky, and since it was only a short distance away from Michigan, it made for a quick and easy trip before graduation!” At Makers Mark Distillery on a bridge over a creek on a beautiful, bright, and sunny day in Kentucky, Bradley asked Rachel to marry him. Rachel said yes!

They chose each other because they could depend on one another and because of the light they bring into each other’s lives. “I have always wanted my future husband to be someone that I could always have fun and go on adventures with…We really love to travel together. We enjoy being able to get away from the stressors of everyday life to spend time together exploring new places and trying new things!” Bradley knew Rachel was the one for him because of her determination and how she inspired him to grow. “I am borderline introverted in nature, so being with her made me want to get ‘out of my shell’, which is something she could do without a second thought. She was always outgoing when we went out, even if we were in a place where she knew no one. She had the confidence and spirit to talk to anyone, which I love and admire about her.”