Leelanau Wilderness Engagement | Sarah + Carlos


Sarah and Carlos met in high school where they had similar friends. However, it wasn’t until their senior year they began to spend more time together. Moving to Austin after attending college together, Sarah and Carlos were enjoying a wonderful relationship. In 2014, Sarah moved to California to follow after an awesome career opportunity. With Carlos still in grad school, he was unable to come with. “I think it was the time apart that made both of us realize how important the other was to each of us”.

Much to Sarah’s surprise, Carlos had been planning a secret proposal with the help of her sister. After talking to her mother about the proposal, it took place on Christmas day in his parent’s backyard. The proposal was kept from her father as “he is the worlds worst secret keeper”. After a few false starts, and a delayed ring the proposal was a beautiful success. “I was totally surprised and blown away.”

As both Sarah and Carlos enjoy the outdoors, they camp together and spend most of their weekends hiking. “It also never hurts to have a fancy beer after a day on the trail”