Sunset Engagement on Lake Michigan | Tara + Brien

Leaping gracefully threw the air, Tara’s dancing was improved under the instruction of a wonderful instructor… Brien’s Grandma and match-maker.

She always talked about Brien to Tara, but unfortunately never seemed to get together until Brien made the first move and contacted Tara through Facebook, which led to conversations and eventually dating!

The two often spent fall football Saturdays tailgating in East Lansing or on the water in Traverse City. They found they truly enjoyed being together and couldn’t imagine life without the other. For Tara, this realization came when Brien graciously helped her move out of her college apartment, “as silly as it sounds.” With a limited amount of time, high stress levels, and a last minute plan, Brien came to her rescue. “I knew that guy who stuck around on a work night helping me pile my various belongings from all ends of my apartment was a keeper.” On the other hand, Brien knew they were destined to be after buying a Golden-doodle puppy, Bella. Bella was the first time the two had to problem solve and work together on a difficult task. As Bella grew, “you could say we grew into soul mates in that time as well.”

With their feelings solidified towards one another, Brien prepared the surprise of Tara’s life. On Christmas day, 2015, Brien and Tara had plans with both families, yet had to make a quick stop at his home. “When (Tara) walked into the front room, Brien was standing by the Christmas tree with Bella sitting next to him with a sign that said ‘Will you marry me?'” Tara couldn’t have been happier and said yes! From here, the couple spent the night celebrating with each family.

“It turned out to be the perfect day for a proposal and a great day to celebrate our engagement and remember for years to come!” Congratulations Tara & Brien!

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