Whitney + John’s Winter Hike at Sleeping Bear Dunes | By Luke + Anna


Harbor Springs, Michigan. Born and raised.

“There wasn’t necessarily a particular moment, but more so when I recognized that I felt a subtle and almost subconscious longing to be together, even if just on the phone, that I had never felt before.” -John

“I’ll never forget the physical strain in my chest when John had to leave home and return to his Naval ship in San Diego. I’ve always figured ‘heartstrings’ was just a term to describe one’s love or compassion, but I personally experienced at that very moment that it was my spiritual aspiration to live forever with and for him.” -Whitney

From Harbor Springs to San Diego, Whitney & John’s love has conquered many miles and many years. “A couple of weeks before departing on deployment, we took a weekend vacation to Catalina Island in California, where I proposed to Whitney while swimming in the ocean. Yes, I (in retrospect, perhaps unwisely) took the ring out into the ocean, and after Whitney came up from a dive, proposed to her in the Pacific.”

Whitney & John have a truly beautiful and completely natural love. Hiking, snowshoeing, road biking… They love the outdoors, and they love being together. And we could not be happier for this wonderful couple. Congratulations, Whitney & John!