Wequetonsing Engagement | Claire + Drew

by | Nov 18, 2021

They met on a Chicago summer. Claire’s cousin, being friends with Drew, introduced the two of them. They became good friends exploring the city together. A year later, they started dating. He would say, “she made the first move, leaning in for a kiss in a taxi on the way to the Hange Uppe!” Claire knew pretty early on that she wanted to spend forever with Drew. “Truly, once we introduced each other to our families, it was game over. I remember my friends asking me if I thought we would get married one day. My response was always ‘yes, I hope so’ even when we had been dating only for a few months. He’s always been it for me!

We knew we were meant for each other when we got stuck together for a year during COVID. Our relationship grew stronger and stronger the more time we spent together.” Soon enough, it was time to ask the big question. Drew planned a fancy dinner date December 29th at what Claire thought to be Anglers Club. “We were going to watch the sunset, and grab dinner together. Drew told me he was busy working all day, but that he’d be free for dinner. Once we were dressed and ready to go, we hopped in a golf cart and headed towards where I thought we were going; Anglers. Once we approached the main intersection, he didn’t turn left…and that’s when I knew something was up!! Next thing you know, we approached a beautiful park on the ocean. Drew took me towards the shoreline and popped the question! The night was beautiful, and to my surprise (again) his family flew in for a night of celebration! It was awesome, and so special!”

Congratulations you two and may God bless your marriage!


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