Fishtown Engagement Session | Carrie + Branden | By Anna


“It’s tough to gauge a true connection in the active dating phase, when you’re consistently out and about doing all that fun stuff, after obligations are met. When I started to let my guard down and simply relax, I quickly realized how comfortable I felt with Carrie. We connected on so many levels: family, career, interests, and lifestyle. Now, we do have our distinct differences, which is where you come to realize you’ve found the right person to grow with. She opened my eyes to how she sees the world, gave me an opportunity to try new things, and we started to do new things together. This has been our foundation, to grow and learn from each other, compromise and yet continue to head in the same direction and work together as we navigate through this crazy world. We work hard to create our happiness and still see the world a little different, but we have a shared vision of who we are and what we want. We continue to learn from and about one another and consistently work on being the best partner for each other.”

Carrie & Branden are simply meant for each other. They love, support, and better each other in a way that is truly beautiful. “When the Universe was ready for us to meet, it sent us to the internet. It is interesting because we could of potentially crossed pathed a dozen times, but our fate was to meet online, when we were both ready.”

From being creative and taking on ambitious DIY projects to working through difficult situations together, Carrie & Branden soon realized they had found the person they would spend forever with. “It was a perfect day… We planned a much needed weekend get away to Branden’s parent’s cabin on Forest Lake. We had a very relaxing day on the lake and that evening, Branden was determined to take me on a sunset walk (I LOVE sunsets). I had no idea, it was going to turn into the best walk ever. As the sun was setting, we found a place to sit, but he didn’t sit… he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Words cannot describe the emotions we shared at that very moment, just the two of us. It was the perfect way to continue our journey together.“

Carrie & Branden, I am so happy for you and privileged to be able to document your story. Congrats on your engagement!