Leland Engagement Session | Concy + Raleigh

by | Nov 18, 2016

It was 2009, Concy and Raleigh were attending Elon University where they met up at a mixer between her sorority and his fraternity. He happened to be borrowing a Cubs tee shirt from a friend and it caught Concy’s eye. Even though he wasn’t from Chicago, they hit it off and never looked back. “I still have the girl and still have the tee shirt — thanks, Dan (Rutherford)!”

After seven years of dating, Raleigh knew it was time to seal the deal.  “I secretly picked out a ring for Concy to match her personality and style — classic & elegant.” He tucked it away until their annual 4th of July trip to Leland. He received her mother’s blessing, and packed the ring along with the rest of their gear. Their vacation was perfect, lovely weather, and wonderful time spent with friends and family. Finding time alone was tricky, and the day he had planned got postponed when they awoke to a hailstorm. However, the skies cleared and they walked down to the Lake Leelanau shore. After discussing how she wished their trip didn’t have to end, Raleigh got down on one knee and asked that it didn’t. Asking her to be his wife was followed by some tears, laughter, and a big “Yes!”.

Late in the summer of 2012, Concy was working in Leland, like usual, and Raleigh was down in North Carolina. Three months of not seeing each other had been hard, so Raleigh decided to surprise Concy. He flew into Grand Rapids, knowing this trip would require a three hour car ride with her mom. “What he didn’t know was that my mom would have him drive the two of them the whole way- the first time they had ever met one another.” After enjoying each others company, and fitting right in with her close Leland friends, Concy knew that this must be someone  special, who would be in her life forever.

Concy’s fear of seafood didn’t hold her back when Raleigh and his parents took her out on the fall of 2010 in Maryland. They went to a crab house on Chesapeake bay, and ordered the biggest feast you could imagine. “I knew Concy was meant for me when she put her shellfish fears aside and dug in.” This affirmed Raleigh’s feelings that they would do anything for each other, even if it means stepping out of their comfort zones. “Someone is even into sushi lately, too!”


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