Engagement Session on the Lake | Emily + Jon


After they had been attending the same events and passing each other at the same locations for years, Emily and Jon were finally introduced through a mutual friend in Houston. Not surprising that on their first date, when they bumped into a few of Emily’s guy friends, they were excited to see Jon as well! Small world, and the perfect pair couldn’t be kept apart.

The night had been planned for a few months as Emily had bought tickets for her and Jon to see a magician. As the date was just getting started, and they were headed out the door to catch the show, Emily found Jon down on one knee asking her to be his wife. “I was finishing the last of my wine and hurrying out the door when Jon started saying some nice things and talking about how much fun we have together. I turned around to find him down on one knee with the ring in hand. “Is this real?!” YES, very real. I was completely speechless.”

They hurried to the show where they sat “giddy and slightly distracted” as Emily told it. Dinner reservations were made by Jon and when they got to the restaurant, much to Emily’s surprise were all of her family, Jon’s family, and their closest friends! “It couldn’t have been more perfect and I couldn’t have been more shocked. Soon after, my best friend and her husband arrived from Washington DC – the cherry on top of an already incredible night.”

Jon, knowing that Emily was a hard one to surprise, used the pre-planned date night as a perfect disguise. ” …in the middle of ‘Rodeo Season’ (21 nights of rodeo, concerts, and livestock show for which Emily and I both volunteer) and a belated anniversary vacation to California the following weekend provided the least conspicuous way to propose. With the help of her best friend, I had great guidance on the ring, and our family and friends could not have been more helpful putting the evening together and joining us to celebrate.”

It wasn’t long before both Emily and Jon knew they were meant for each other. Taking Jon as her date to her brother’s wedding, Emily was blown away with how well Jon fit into the family. “He got to meet my extended families on BOTH sides…and held his own beautifully. Everyone loved him and he fit in perfectly. My mom said “he is one of those people you feel like you’ve known forever.” I knew then he’d be sticking around.”

Enjoying time together, Emily and Jon love to cook and entertain. “We love theme parties, dinner parties and holiday parties – really any reason to gather our friends and have a good time.”

Congratulations Emily and Jon!