Woodland Engagement | Rachael + Andrew | By Luke


Ever tried match making? you’re sitting with your friend and you think, “hey, you know so and so? what would you think about them and this other so and so?” to which your friend replies, “…yeah, that’d be alright!”.  We’ve all had that conversation, but odds are… it didn’t pan out the way we hoped.  Well thankfully, Rachael & Andrew’s friends in Chicago have better perception than you and I, and they saw the potential in Racheal & Andrew and took the chance to set them up.  Fast forward a few years and you find the fruits of their labor, living in San Fransisco, starting their lives together!

Andrew’s no fool and it didn’t take him long to realize that this girl was the one he needed to spend the rest of his life with.  And so, began the brainstorm.  Andrew, always the planner, asked if Rachael wanted to go to Sonoma for the weekend to stay at their favorite hotel, “since we haven’t been wine tasting in a few weeks.” It doesn’t take more than two seconds for Rachael to agree to wine tasting. En route, Andrew asked if Rachael would take a detour up the mountain next to the Golden Gate Bridge to take some photos of whales that were out in the bay (this is completely normal for Andrew to ask on any normal day.). Rachael was frustrated, didn’t want to stop, but agreed. Andrew made her hike 1/2 mile up the peak to get the perfect camera viewpoint and before she knew it, Andrew had a square shaped box coming out of his pocket and started kneeling. Rachael was so ecstatic and surprised, she asked Andrew to repeat his proposal speech a 2nd time, so she could remember it, and he did.

Congratulations Rachael & Andrew!  No better fit could have been made for either of you!