Northport Engagement Session | Marissa + Chris

by | Jan 13, 2016

“What’s meant for you will never miss you.” These words from Marissa’s grandmother couldn’t not have been more true for Marissa and Chris.

“My roommate, Stu, from Kenyon College told a funny story to me freshman year in 2002. One night, he was sneaking away from his high school girlfriend’s house, but being the gentleman that he is, did not want to wake her parents. He decided to keep the car door open, pop it into neutral, and roll back down the driveway into the suburban Chicago street. No door slamming, no engine noise. No noise at all… until his car door smashed into the mailbox. Stu and I lived together for four years. A few years after graduation, he told me that his old high school girlfriend was living in Los Angeles, and that she might want to hang out. So… we met for coffee. We spent the entire day together. And the rest is history. Stu fixed us up (and he also fixed the mailbox). One of the best there is.”

Marissa & Chris have one of the coolest stories. It’s a story of love, travel, and adventure. (Really, it’s the makings for a great blockbuster movie!) From that first cup of coffee to a cross country road trip from Alaska to Michigan and eventually a proposal on a secluded beach decorated with volcanic rock in New Zealand, I think it’s safe to say that Marissa & Chris share something very special. Yes, they have innumerable memories, shared passions and interests, and adventurous spirits, but even greater than all these- they have a deep, deep love for each other that is absolutely beautiful.

Marissa’s grandmother always said “what’s meant for you will never miss you.” And “those words rang in my ears at the beginning of our relationship. We met through a friend, and although our first date was epic, I wasn’t sure that he was interested in being anything more than friends. There was a point at the beginning of our relationship that we went our separate ways, and although I was sad about this, my grandmother’s words ran through my head. Over time we found each other again and naturally fell into the role of boyfriend and girlfriend. This was my first indication that he was the one for me. My grandmother’s words coming to fruition. Once we were an established couple, our first true test came in the form of a work opportunity. I had the chance to fulfill my dream of living and working in Alaska for four months. As excited as I was about this prospect, I was nervous that this would end our relationship, since I knew this would mean that we would have a very long distance relationship between Anchorage and Northport, MI, if we chose to stay together. When I told Chris about my opportunity, I saw my Grandmother’s words fulfilled once again. He was so happy and excited for me. He encouraged me to do it and told me not to worry; we would be able to weather a long distance relationship for four months. No problem. He also offered to drive back with me when my assignment was over. They say that you see the strength of a relationship when you move in with someone, disagree with someone, and travel with someone. It was on that trip that I knew we were meant for each other and that I loved him with all my heart because it was a challenge that we met head on and enjoyed from start to finish.”

Marissa & Chris, you two, your story, your bond is something very special. Congratulations!


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