Jump in the Water Engagement | Caitlin + Jon | By Anna


“I knew pretty early on that Jon is the one for me. His personality is magnetic, and I found myself hanging out with him whenever our group of friends were out. Jon makes me laugh, encourages me, and challenges me. We tend to not take ourselves too seriously, making light of most situations, and despite that, I always feel safe with him.”

“Caitlin’s personality is just as sweet as her smile, and I knew I was falling in love. I realized that Caitlin is the one for me after our first official date at the end of the school year. She laughed at my bad jokes, and conversation came easy.”

Caitlin & Jon met during their first year at medical school in West Virginia. Caitlin & Jon started med school in different groups of friends, but these two groups were always out celebrating after a stressful week in school or a hard exam. They continued to run into together and their groups sort of joined forces at some point. Jon and Caitlin continued to be friends throughout first year, and started going to church together with a few others during second semester. As summer break was approaching, Caitlin & Jon realized that they enjoyed each others company, and always had more fun at their group outings when the other was around. First year was nearly over when they went on their first date. Summer break started and they each went back to their respective homes, but they continued to talk nearly everyday, and Caitlin visited friends 😉 in Chicago twice that summer. When second year started and they returned to West Virginia, Caitlin & Jon quickly picked up where they left off.

Caitlin & Jon, your love is evident. It is easy and pure and beautiful to catch a glimpse of. Congratulations on your engagement!