Rustic Farm + Blossom Engagement | Kelly + Bobby

“I knew that we were truly meant for each other the moment I saw Kelly come out from the terminal at the airport in Washington DC. She was coming to DC to visit me on my birthday, and we had not seen each other for four months. But we had talked on the phone constantly, and I could not get Kelly off of my mind (as if even wanted to!). As soon as I saw her beautiful smile, and locked eyes with her, an incredible feeling of realization overwhelmed me. I knew right then: Kelly and I were going to spend the rest of our lives together.”

“I could not stop thinking about him. I think I knew from the first conversation at the beer tent that he was special, but it really hit me when we met for a weekend in New York City shortly after we started dating. I was so smitten by him! I felt like the emoji with hearts for eyes the entire weekend, and if you look at pictures of us from NYC, you can see my dreamy expression. I have never felt so much despair as when he left me at the airport that weekend, and I realized I couldn’t live without him.”

Kelly & Bobby’s story begins all the way back in 2002. “We went to school together throughout junior high and high school.” BUT they were only ever acquaintances. After they both graduated from college, they (re)met over a pint of Cherry Pie beer at the Traverse City Cherry Festival’s beer tent. “Bobby very smoothly forgot to ask me for my number, but after another brief encounter at the Film Festival, we came to our senses and decided to spend time together in beautiful Northern Michigan. For the rest of the summer, we spent time paddle boarding, restaurant and brewery hopping, and getting to know each other.” They both had plans to leave TC at the end of the summer, with Bobby moving to Washington DC for a job, and Kelly jetting off to Spain for a 500 mile hike, so they parted ways. “But we couldn’t stop thinking about each other! So the following spring, we decided to start dating once and for all!”

Kelly & Bobby truly couldn’t be better for each other. They share a love of life, a passion for new experiences and exploring new places, and food. They love food: “We LOVE to eat together! We love cooking and cook almost every meal while listening to music or chatting about our days. We enjoy going to farm markets to find local produce and treats. We also love going out to eat and trying new restaurants and food from all over the world. We like wine and beer tasting, too. How are we not 500 pounds each?”

So as they relationship progressed and grew, there wasn’t a doubt in Bobby’s mind that he was going to marry Kelly. “Bobby had grand plans to propose at sunset at one of our favorite Leelanau spots, Pyramid Point. Instead… after a long meal at the Riverside Inn in Leland (with the sun having set an hour earlier) he took me to the marina in Suttons Bay. It was at this marina on one of our first dates in 2013 that Bobby hadn’t gotten the hint that I wanted him to kiss me, so a year later in 2014, he took me back specifically to redeem that missed kiss. With his mind reeling from the earlier-than-anticipated sunset, he knew to take me back to that marina. The third time was the charm – he proposed at the end of the dock. And he likes to joke that because it was dark out, I had to say yes to him and not to the ring!”

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    Great story and wonderful pictures! So much love and joy!

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