Beautiful Mission Point Lighthouse Engagement | Allison + Tyson


Allison + Tyler’s beautiful engagement session showcased how truly in love with each other they are.

“I don’t know that there was any single moment that I knew that Ty was the one… it was more of a collection of moments. I fell in love with the way he makes me laugh, and how he makes me feel safe and heard. I fell in love with the way he builds me up, and how he goes with the flow, even when things don’t go as planned. I fell in love with his kindness and patience, and that love only grew when I met his two boys and got to see firsthand the kind of father he is to them. I’ve never felt so understood and loved before, and so excited for what lies ahead. That’s how I knew he was the one!”

If Allison + Tyson’s love story was a book, it would be entitled “Love in the Time of Covid.” “I had just moved back to Michigan, not knowing a soul in town, right before the pandemic hit. During the shutdown, my friend convinced me to get on the dating app Hinge. That’s where I found Ty’s profile. I was immediately drawn to his sense of humor and his love of travel and animals – especially his lifelong goal of seeing puffins in the wild. I sent him a ‘heart,’ he messaged me back, and the rest is history. We texted back and forth for a month before starting to go on socially distanced dates; our first one was a sushi picnic at the Open Space. We talked for hours that first night as the sun set over the bay… it was perfect.”

As Allison + Tyson got to know each other, they soon realized their shared love of going on adventures and exploring Northern Michigan. “We both love exploring Northern Michigan, from spring wildflower walks and summer kayak trips, to intense rock hunting sessions and crisp autumn hikes. Ty is always supportive when I want to stop (for the 50th time) and take a photo or two (or three or four!), and I love that he’s always curious and eager to I.D. any flora and fauna that we spot along the way. Whether we’re walking our dog Rascal around Boardman Lake, hiking a new trail, or floating around in kayaks, we always find ourselves laughing, engaging in meaningful conversations and loving every minute spent together.”

So when Allison began planning a trip to the UP, Tyson knew this was his golden opportunity to propose. “I had planned a total dream trip to the UP- a fall color road trip from Paradise to Marquette, stopping at ten waterfalls along the way. While it would be a work trip for Traverse Magazine, we knew it would be so fun (and test of our relationship!) to take a weeklong journey together. Little did I know that Ty, sensing my excitement, had decided to propose while we were up there! He chose a sunset hike up to the summit of Sugarloaf Mountain to pop the question. We were looking out over Marquette, the sun dipping toward the horizon, when he asked if I wanted to keep adventuring together, for the rest of our lives. I said yes, of course! As we basked in the afterglow of the moment, a woman yelled down to us asking if we had just gotten engaged – she saw what was happening from atop a viewing platform, and had taken photos of us during the proposal. A wave of happy tears overcame me; I was so thankful to have such a special moment captured like that. We sat together as twilight set in on the mountain, gleefully talking about the future.”

Congratulations on your engagement, Allison + Tyson! We can’t wait to photograph your wedding!