Boardman River Engagement | Chantell + Jason


From awkward introductions at Wayne State University to a perfect proposal at Bryce Canyon, Utah, Chantell + Jason have a way about them that always seems to tick perfectly. They hit it off almost immediately and the attraction hasn’t waned at all. In fact, everyday is a new adventure for them and they can’t imagine going on these adventures with anyone else.

“Our favorite hobby is traveling and exploring new places. Each trip gets better than the last! No matter where we go, rain or shine, we have the best time together and that’s one of our favorite things about us as a couple.”

“After a few months of dating, Chantell and I took a trip to Niagara Falls. I always knew that she was a special person, but it was during this trip I knew I found the person I wanted to spend my eternity with. At one point we were going behind the waterfall which was frozen at the time and we stopped at a tiny opening and looked out to see ice everywhere. It’s hard to put into words, but at that very moment I caught a glimpse of Chantell and my heart stopped. She was so beautiful and I just kept thinking you are one lucky guy now don’t mess this up! The rest was history.”

“The second I met Jason there was just something different about him. Everything about him made sense. He became my safe haven. I knew we were meant for each other when in a few months time he made my first apartment a home. I felt like we had been cooking dinners together and talking about our days my whole life. He had the best heart, and was such a breath of fresh air. I knew he was the person I wanted to come home to everyday.”

For Chantell + Jason the future is bright and the adventures have just begun!