Long Lake Engagement | Erin + Jason


Erin and Jason got hooked up on a blind day in Chicago, “We were both clients of the same event planning agency for work. We each got to know that team very well, and they set out to play match-maker… Which, looking back on it, was a very risky move to set up a client.” “After months of the team trying to get us to meet at different events, they finally gave Erin’s phone number to Jason. The blind date started out a little rocky – a music festival isn’t a great place to hear someone speak! We finally ended up having an awesome time at dinner after the festival. Our second date was a week later at a Cubs game, and the rest is history!”

Jason planned a very special Christmas surprise for Erin last year. Erin was planning on coming home and cleaning the house for her parents who were coming in for the weekend. But, when she came home (later than planned) Jason had something else in mind. “Little did I know that Jason had a whole evening planned, and he had been waiting for hours. When I walked in the door, the place was cleaned from top to bottom, candles were lit everywhere, wine, Christmas music playing, even a netflix fire playing on the TV. Jason said, “Surprise! I got everything done so we could have our own mini Christmas celebration before everyone gets in town tomorrow!”. For whatever reason, I didn’t think anything suspicious was going on. So we had a glass of wine and started adding decorations to the Christmas tree. Jason started handing me ornaments, and he handed me a gold bulb with a sparkling diamond ring on it. I freaked out, cried, shook, the whole thing. We called our families and then went out for a great night out our favorite restaurant to celebrate!”

Their second date was the day that sealed the deal for both of them. “I knew it when we went to the Cubs game together. We had already been hanging out that day for a while, and when we both realized there was a game that day and we BOTH wanted to continue hanging out and go to the game, I knew we had a spark that wasn’t going anywhere. We had so much fun that day it’s hard to describe. I just remember being at work the next day in a total blur and love haze thinking that this can’t be real. We’ve been inseparable ever since that Cubs game.”

Jason works in the restaurant industry and that has been something they love doing together. “Cooking. We are always inspired to try new recipes or ideas. We especially love cooking on Sundays, late afternoon, with a beer or bottle of wine, and chop away together in the kitchen! Nothing better.”

Congratulations on the engagement Erin and Jason!