Fall Nature Trail Engagement | Isabel + Cameron


“October 2017. Michigan vs. Michigan State. Ann Arbor. We met through mutual friends at the tailgate. Isabel, a Spartan, and Cam, a Wolverine. We couldn’t stay away from each other. We were friends for a few months but both realized our feelings were so much stronger for one another. We started dating in January 2018 and have never looked back.”

Isabel even told her mother “Mom, this is the guy I’m going to marry.” She immediately said back to me, “I was thinking the same thing.”

Cam felt the same way: “a couple weeks after meeting at the Michigan vs Michigan State game, Isabel came back to my tailgate for the Michigan vs Ohio State game. We knew we liked each other. This was late November. January 1st, I asked her to go to Traverse City with me and we went on a 3 day vacation to TC. The rest is history.”

As for a grand proposal! Cam wanted the occasioned witnessed by everyone! Guess he was pretty confident Isabel would say “Yes”.

“We went to Petoskey with Isabel’s family for 4th of July weekend. I surprised Isabel by having not only her entire family but also I had my family make the drive to Petoskey. Everyone was waiting out on the end of the pier at the lighthouse. We walked out to the lighthouse. It was a foggy day. As we got to the end of the pier, Isabel saw both of our families waiting out there for us and knew it was a special moment. I proposed at the end of the pier in front of everyone. It was so special to share this moment with the ones we love.”

As for the future, Isabel + Cam know they have nothing but happiness to look forward to because when you enjoy doing absolutely everything together everyday will be filled with joy.

“Whether it’s laying on the couch watching Breaking Bad, or traveling, we love doing everything together. We can honestly say we are the best of friends.”