Old Mission Peninsula Engagement | Jenna + Casey


Casey and Jenna knew they were a perfect match after their first date, which was 11 hours longer than they had planned. After crossing paths multiple times one evening at Jenna’s work, they agreed to go out for dinner later that same week. Dinner turned into a motorcycle ride, ice cream, and then doing what they enjoy doing most; watching movies. The two of them couldn’t get enough of each other. “It was a night I didn’t want to end, I didn’t want her to leave. Hence our first date was 13 hours and even then I still hated seeing her go.”

Before a special weekend, Jenna and Casey had been talking about getting engaged and Jenna had began to expect something Saturday night at dinner. Little to her surprise, Casey had a whole other plan. They spent the beginning of the weekend going to a concert with a couple of their friends and on their way home Jenna was a couple minutes behind, which was just enough time for Casey to surprise her at home. “When I got home Casey wasn’t waiting for me in garage like he normally did, I walked into the house and wasn’t greeted by him or the dog either. I was so confused. When I walked around the corner to put my over night bag in the bedroom Casey was waiting for me on one knee. His whole goal was to catch me off guard and surprise me. He definitely succeeded.”

As these two begin their family together, Jenna will remember that being one of the reasons that she knew Casey was the one. “I knew I wanted to be with him the rest of my life during my sons birthday party. Casey came early after working all night and helped me set up the entire birthday party, which if you ask him was no small task. Unfortunately I plan huge parties. That was the first time I saw him take action with Hayden and be a father figure towards him. They had always gotten along but that was different.”