Beautiful Old Mission Peninsula Engagement | Kristin + George


Kristin + George share a truly beautiful connection.

“No matter good or bad, rain or shine, at the end of the day we always share a laugh and smile, and that is something that means the world to me. There is no one in the world that I’d rather share a joke and smile with than Kristin.”

“It might be cliche, but he really is my knight in shining armor, and I wouldn’t want anyone else guiding me through this world.”

Kristin + George met by chance nearly eight years ago. “We met thanks to both of our sisters on a night out in Detroit. What was meant to be Kristin’s birthday celebration and George’s first night out as a 21 year-old with his sister ended up turning into the best night of our lives. Over a few drinks and great conversation a spark was lit, and here we are nearly eight years later.”

Since that first chance meeting, Kristin + George have spent the last eight years developing something real and lasting. “I feel like everyday I find another reason that makes me realize that George is the one. He has been by my side through all my hard times with family, nursing school, and when life throws me a curve ball. I’m not the best person when things get difficult, but George always find a way to put a smile on my face and shines the light when things seem dark.”

As their relationship and love has deepened over the years, George began planning to ask Kristin to marry him. And that happened this past February. “Seven years to the weekend after George asked me to be his girlfriend, he took me out on what was supposed to have been a nice dinner downtown and surprise engagement. Everything went off without a hitch and in a personal moment between us, George asked me to be with him forever. Thankfully I said yes but strangely enough I didn’t seem as surprised as George would have thought. Only after I said yes did I tell him that in an attempt to start the car and warm it up before dinner that night, I had stumbled upon the ring in his coat pocket and knew what was in store. It was a night that neither of us will ever forgot and makes for a great story we can tell to our family for many generations.”

Kristin + George, you two certainly make for a great team. Congratulations on your engagement!