Amazing Boardman River Engagement | Lauren + Ryan


Lauren + Ryan’s amazing love story began work. “We met at Deloitte (which is where we both work) in April 2018 when Ryan came to interview for a position in the Chicago office. I thought Ryan was very handsome in his suit and tie, and he was bummed that I couldn’t come to lunch that day. But we really got to know each other when Ryan moved to Chicago in summer of 2019.”

Lauren + Ryan hung out for the first time on July 4th, 2019. “I knew Ryan and I had something special from the first time we hung out, but it wasn’t until the following February, right before COVID, when we finally decided to date seriously that I knew we were meant for each other.”

Exactly one year later from that first hang out, Ryan knew he had found his forever person. “The first time I brought Lauren to Traverse City was 4th of July 2020. Lauren met my family and instantly fit in;I knew that I was going to spend my life with her at that point.”

Now it was only a matter of time before Ryan would pop the question, and considering their dating history, what better time than July 4th!

“We were up in Traverse City for the 4th of July holiday and were going to Black Star Farms with Ryan’s sister and brother-in-law for a wine tasting. Before sitting down, Ryan suggested they go out into the vineyard area, which is where he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Black Star Farms holds a special place in our hearts because it’s the place where Ryan first told me he loved me and now where we are planning to get married.”

Lauren + Ryan, your story is already so beautiful and yet only just beginning. Congrats on your engagement!