Elk Rapids Rustic Engagement in the Orchards | Mary + Tom

by | Jun 13, 2016

“A mutual friend introduced us without any romantic intentions for us; he thought we’d get along. And we did.” Mary & Tom were introduced as friends, but it wasn’t long before sparks were flying.

“I knew [that we were meant for each other] by the end of the first time we met.”

“I knew after our first formal date.”

And as they say, when you know… you know. So now it was only a matter of time before Tom popped the question. And that happened when they were visiting a very special place- a place in the middle of nowhere where they like to get away from it all. “I woke up early after the first evening and hid the engagement ring in a tree that had fallen on the beach underneath some bark. I made up a (horribly) stupid reason to get Mary to come down to the beach, and left her a poem to come down when she was ready. She actually came down dressed in all white, and I slapped my forehead… thinking she already knew. Regardless, I went through with it hoping she didn’t. And lo and behold I got lucky! It was all coincidence! Mary said yes, and we celebrated the rest of the day with all of Mary’s favorite foods we had brought. It was the best day of our lives.”

And without a doubt, many more best days are in Mary & Tom’s future. Congratulations!


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