Wintery Wilderness Engagement | Paige + Andrew


“I knew Drew was the one for me pretty quickly! We clicked right away when we realized we share a lot of the same values and have the same sense of humor.”

“From the outset, I knew she was beautiful, smart and funny but after these initial dates I also found her to be extraordinarily kind and thoughtful as well. It was from this point that I knew she was the only one for me. Over a year later, I am so grateful that we found each other, and look forward to the many more years we have together.”

Paige & Andrew met on Bumble. “I truthfully never thought that joining an online dating app was something that I would ever do, but one day decided to take the leap and am so glad I did!”

After just a few dates, Paige & Andrew knew that they had found something special and lasting in each other. It was only a matter of time before Andrew would pop the question. “Getting married was something that we had talked a lot about, and we knew it’s something that we both wanted in the near future, but the night of a proposal was a surprise! It was very relaxed and casual (a lot like we are), and it was the most perfect night. We’re always really comfortable around each other and laugh non-stop, but that night Drew seemed really anxious and nervous – almost like it was our first date again. He pulled the ring out of his pocket right before our dinner came and simply asked me if I wanted to marry him. He didn’t get down on one knee and there wasn’t a big grand gesture in front of everyone else, but it’s exactly how I wanted it. I’m not someone who likes big surprises or gestures so the way he did it made me so happy, and I didn’t hesitate to say yes!”

Paige & Andrew, you two are so wonderful for each other. Congratulations on your engagement!