Cherry Orchard Engagement | Paige + Kevin

“I knew that Paige was meant for me after our adventurous first date. The night took some unexpected twists and turns, but it didn’t matter because we had each other.”

“I knew Kevin was meant for me the more they watched sports together. I have always been a loud, passionate person, and when I saw how passionate Kevin was about certain things (sports in this instance) it made me feel like I had met my match.”

Paige & Kevin met through a mutual friend. Kevin and his best friend were watching soccer (their favorite teams were playing against each other!) when Paige arrived. “After the match was over, Kevin went to the bar and we locked eyes. The rest is history.”

From attending comedy shows to frequenting sporting events, Paige & Kevin simply enjoy having a good time. So when they went to the Notre Dame vs Texas football game over Labor Day weekend, Kevin knew that he had found the time and place that he was going to propose. Having arranged for a photographer to be waiting near Touchdown Jesus to capture the moment, Kevin took Paige around the campus for a “quick tour” to stall for time. Once they were in a great position, Kevin passed his phone to Paige’s mom and asked that she take a picture of them in front of Touchdown Jesus. “It was raining earlier so I was not too thrilled to be standing in slushy grass… BUT… Kevin proceeded to get down on one knee and ask for my hand in marriage!”

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