Wintery Boardman River Engagement | Rachel + Evan | By Anna


“Picture 14-year-old Rachel with way over-plucked eyebrows, braces, and probably two polos from Aeropostale on a school bus. Then picture 15-year-old Evan, verbatim ‘110 pounds soaking wet’ with straight hair in a ponytail sitting behind Rachel on the school bus. Rachel turns around and says ‘Hi.’ The rest is history… Just kidding. We didn’t speak again for a year. But then we did. And after I persuaded Evan to like me sophomore year, Evan asked me out next to the orchestra room on March 10, 2010.”

“Evan and I started dating as (arguably) little babies. Though I had always hoped we would end up together, no instant lead me to that conclusion, but far more the compiling of so many moments, conversations, laughs, trials and beliefs. Evan has always brought out the best version of myself. For us, it’s consistently been ‘when’ and not ‘if.’”

From the very beginning, Rachel + Evan were simply meant to be together. So, after 9 years of dating, Evan proposed to Rachel on vacation in Punta Cana. “The proposal took place on our balcony before we met our families for dinner. Instead of a sundress or a trendy bathing suit cover-up, I was in a legit night gown (and not at all the good-looking type) while glued to my book which took Evan some effort to pry me away. After some wonderful relationship reflection chat, Evan utilized the classic ‘Oh, look over there’ method to cover up the intended proposal (which didn’t quite work), but it was still amazing.”

Rachel + Evan, you two are SO perfect for each other, and I can’t wait to celebrate more with you two. Congrats on your engagement!