Cherry Blossom Engagement Session | Cardi + Colton


Cardi and Colton knew almost immediately that they were meant for each other. “They met April 26, 2013 at Greenwood Block Party at the University of Michigan. It was a warm spring evening and the campus was full of life with end of semester festivities. Cardi was finishing her undergraduate degree from The University of Michigan and Colton was finishing his 4th year before traveling to Greece for the summer to do a study abroad program. They were introduced through a mutual friend and “zinged” immediately. They agreed to ditch the party and go to a salsa club where they spent the rest of the evening dancing the night away. They were inseparable for the next 10 days before Colton left for Greece. Six weeks later, Cardi visited Colton in Greece, and they made their relationship official at sunset on Santorini.”

Colton did a great job with the proposal. Cardi didn’t suspect a thing! “Colton proposed on June 18, 2021. Colton spent months re-planning his proposal after his original plans were spoiled by COVID travel restrictions. He surprised Cardi with a surprise trip to Mackinac Island for her 30th birthday. Cardi had never been to Mackinac Island and was so distracted by its beauty and the trip in general that she didn’t suspect a thing. Colton told Cardi that they had reservations at a nice restaurant and he wanted to check out Sunset Rock before the horse carriage picked them up. Cardi happily followed along, and as they walked out to Sunset Rock they passed by a hidden photographer and his assistant. The assistant made sure that no one followed them out to the rock and the photographer got in position. As they stood out and looked at the incredible view it had only just started to occur to Cardi that sunset wouldn’t be happening for a while. It was in that moment that she turned to look at Colton and found him on one knee. He popped the question and she said yes. They spent the rest of the evening celebrating around town and the rest of the weekend riding bikes, laughing, and enjoying their engagement.”

They are obviously very much in love. When asked when they knew they were meant for each other, Cardi’s response was, “I knew we were meant for each other very early on. He was smart, funny, handsome, aspirational, cultured and just a good person to the core. Those first 10 days together we stayed up talking almost every night until the sun started to rise and the birds started to sing, Those first 10 days are when I fell in love with him and that first summer was when I knew we were meant to be.” Colton’s response was, “I knew that we were meant for each other very early on when I was in Greece. We talked every day, despite difficulties in phone calls, wifi, and time zone differences. A few weeks after I got settled in Greece, I received a care package that was so perfectly tailored to me that I thought no one besides my soulmate could have known me well enough to put it together, let alone after the short period we had known each other.”

Congratulations, Cardi and Colton! We can’t wait to photograph your wedding day!